11224027_919933291394567_4838314196020858827_o-2.jpgHi! My name is Chris Gilfillan, and I am excited to be running for the State House of Representatives in Legislative District 20.

I come from a family of public school teachers and am a community organizer around this cause. Professionally, I earned my degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and my law degree from Mississippi College School of Law. Seeking a career in public service, I used my law degree to fight for families whose royalty rights were ignored by oil and gas companies. Locally, my wife Julie and I volunteer, supporting education initiatives and assisting small business owners.

Education Funding

Coming from a family of teachers, I’m a dedicated education advocate who considers students the top priority for Arizona and LD 20. I want to restore the $700 million in cuts we’ve seen since the Recession. After placing us nearly last in per pupil spending, the Legislature needs to step up for schools. We need designated funding sources, not just promises, in the areas of safety, personnel, facilities, curriculum, and technology, including joint technical and career education (JTED and CTE) so students graduate ready to enter the workforce. 

Health Care

Good health care needs to be accessible for all. In fact, I worked tirelessly to make sure protections were in place for us and want to ensure that we keep cost-effective policies for Arizona's families. I advocated in passing affordable health care for everyone for years, and want to continue that passion at the legislature.

Small Business

I worked in business development for many years in Arizona and there are thousands of small businesses in LD 20 that are critically important. I want to ensure we have an environment where small businesses can thrive on a level playing field with big corporations, have access to Research and Development funding to grow and be able to find the employees with the skills they need.

Government Accountability

Finally, we need a transparent government and elected officials that are held accountable. Prior to being a lawyer, I was a newspaper editor. I spent my time tracking the corrosive influence of money on politics, and want to make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. We can start by ending dark money spending and requiring politicians to report any financial interests when advancing legislation. Let’s work together to see that the needs of all Arizonans are met, our businesses thrive, and our government works for us.

Extra Extra! Read the Gilfillan Gazette for more about Chris's plan.


Representative Leadership

I served on the boards of directors for my local Rotary Club and Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministries. I was also a member of the Charles Clark Inn of Court for lawyers and judges. Locally, I am a parishioner of St. Jerome's Catholic Parish, and my father is a Catholic deacon. Then, using my community organizing experience, this past year I served as Field Director for Legislative District 20.


Our campaign has been endorsed by many bipartisan organizations, including the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, the Arizona Tech Council and education advocacy group Stand for Children. We also have the honor of being endorsed by former House minority leader Eric Meyer and former State Senator Stan Furman. Recently we were endorsed by the Arizona Education Association, the Arizona Teamsters, the Local Pipefitters, and the Arizona Nurses Association. 

Yard Sign?

If you would like a yard sign, please use this form to request one: http://bit.ly/ChrisYardSigns


We are running a Clean Elections campaign, which means we cannot take any further donations. However, we are asking Donors  to instead give money to our Legislative District. You can donate by going to www.LD20Democrats.com. This will help us support our office, our staff and our everyday needs. Thank you!