AZ Leg Dupes us Again

I can't say I'm that surprised. A federal judge - one notably nominated by President George W. Bush - ruled that the funding measures for Prop 123 are unconstitutional. 
Prop 123 was framed as a boon to public education by the Governor's spin folks. But in reality what it did was give the schools pennies on the dollar for what the state should have spent on education, all while raiding Arizona's land trust.
Well, the federal courts said enough. And I for one am glad they did - that money belongs to Arizona's future students.
Why is it that this administration and his colleagues continue to flout the law? And it's supported all the way down to our representatives at the state house, who are complicit.
This needs to change. And that is why I am running for the Arizona State House - to protect our education dollars and be an advocate for our community.
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