Barb Kapla: How I Met Chris

My name is Barbara Kapla. I am a resident of Legislative District 20 in Phoenix/Glendale; a public school teacher and librarian; and an Arizona Democrat.

I met Chris Gilfillan during his first run for AZ House in 2014. One evening as I was working on lesson plans, I got a call from Jim, a volunteer for Chris’ campaign. Jim told me that Chris came from a family of educators, and that his passion and number one political goal is working toward restoring, and raising, funding for Arizona public schools. He went on to share more about Chris’ resume, including his law degree; work in public education; and journalism; but frankly, he had me at education…..funding….and public schools.

It wasn’t long before I was working a couple of evenings a week in the campaign office, and even taking work home when the volunteer canvassers brought in more than I could complete in the office. For the duration of that campaign, and the current one of 2018, I have grown in my respect for Chris as an organizer, leader, and passionate advocate for Arizona’s students and small business owners.  

I believe that Chris Gilfillan will be a strong, knowledgeable, and honorable representative of LD 20, and all of Arizona, in the State House of Representatives, and I am committed to do all I can to help him get there.  

Please join me in voting for Chris in the August primary and the November General Election.  

Barb Kapla