Building Business in our District

While we're all inspired by the #RedForEd movement and do everything we can to support our schools this week, I thought it would be important to also talk about one of my other priorities: Small Business.

Currently, I work with entrepreneurs across the economic spectrum. And Arizona has a wealth of these entrepreneurs.

One policy that makes a lot of sense to me is the expansion of our Research & Development Tax Credit. The thinking is this: if you do research and development inside of Arizona thereby bringing jobs, you won't incur tax liability for it. These kinds of tax credits directly benefit the early-stage companies in Arizona, specifically graduates from ASU West and Glendale Community.

That's the kind of commonsense tax credit that I support - not the huge corporate tax breaks that we've seen the Arizona legislature bend over backward for. Those have left our students strapped for cash

It doesn't have to be that way.

Join us for a canvass this Saturday or Sunday or even a phone bank during the week. All the events can be found here: