Carpenters For Chris in LD20

I’ve known Chris Gilfillan since 2016. Personally, I feel he has his head screwed on straight. He gives the right answers for the things that need to be addressed.

As part of my local union - Carpenters’ Local 1912 - I began to volunteer for Chris because he’s someone who is committed to serving carpenters.

I moved to Arizona from Wisconsin over 40 years ago. While in Arizona, I’ve only lived in Legislative District 20. Being a union member has allowed me to earn fair wages, great benefits and now that I’m retired, I’ve secured a pension.

At 75, I can no longer knock on doors like others, but I am able to drive our canvassers out on Saturday mornings. I’m also constantly talking to my neighbors about the candidates they should support, especially people like Chris.

As a retired carpenter, I’m focused on ensuring there are representatives in my neighborhood who will fight against the cutting of Medicare, Social Security and other social programs.

I’m also concerned about the future of Arizona. Personally, this means protecting our public schools and restoring the lack of investment in our education systems.

It’s unsettling to learn that teachers are leaving the state in droves because we can’t find enough money to hire them. It doesn’t make sense that those at the top are continuing to get richer while we can’t find enough teachers for our children.

The current establishment’s priorities are backwards. Electing people like Chris who will fight for our children need to be elected.

Join my fellow union members and I in voting for Chris this November.


Neal Dederich

Retired carpenter and proud member of Carpenters’ Local 1912

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