Community Profile: Terry Zubow

My name is Terry Zubow, I have been a resident of Legislative District (LD) 20 for 47 years and I am a lifelong educator who worked in the Paradise Valley School District for 32 years.

As a Master’s student, I taught in a migrant community in California. I worked tirelessly with farmworkers, picking up Spanish here and there. After graduation, I moved into LD20 - in 1971 - 47 years ago. Since then, I have worked in the North valley, primarily at PVSD schools.

I met Chris Gilfillan while collecting signatures for the Save Our Schools Campaign, an effort that would end the Scholarship Empowerment Act. This legislation essentially gutted public schools and bolstered private education.

Chris and I are strong public school advocates who pounded the pavement all summer long in 2017, and circulating petitions together, we became close friends. As a result, when Chris decided to run for office, I became heavily involved in his campaign.

We believe that public education is a sacred space where children from all backgrounds can come together to learn. We also believe that privatizing public education is unfair and there is too much influence for wealthy individuals.

I support Chris’s campaign in LD20 because I love his drive, enthusiasm and energy levels. I also believe in Chris’s ideals because education is a part of his family. I know Chris understands the value of a strong public education system.

Today, I am a volunteer for Chris’s LD20 campaign. I spend my time canvassing, cutting turf or making phone calls for Chris.

Residents, school staff and teachers like me in LD20 support Chris 100 percent.