In the wake of tragedy, hope

Like many of you, I was shocked at the events that happened last Wednesday in Parkland, Florida. Shocked at the loss of life. Shocked at the lack of mental health resources. Shocked that so many warning signs went unheeded.


But, I choose to dwell on the hope - those brave teens lobbying their legislature and the nation for change.

Well, another ray of hope came for me yesterday - perhaps not as complicated as changing laws or lawmakers' minds, but every bit as elegant.

My mother received a flower, and a card thanking her for being a teacher, especially after this tragedy. And it came from a church, where myriad hopes and prayers are made daily.

Every teacher deserves a gesture like this these days.

That's what I'm fighting for every day - to bring appreciation to our teachers. And that's why I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

Let's bring a little appreciation to our district.

Mom Flower