Let's Stop all the Double-Talk

Gather round everyone! On Tuesday, we get to hear our double-talking governor do a spectacular parlor trick. We get to see him talk out of both sides of his mouth!

We'll get to hear him take credit for fixing education funding in Arizona - despite the consistent slashing over the past 10 years.

We'll get to hear him talk about creating opportunities for teachers - despite giving teachers pennies on the dollar after no raise for nearly a decade.

We'll get to hear him take credit for growing TANF - despite cutting social safety net programs for our most vulnerable over the past decade.

And he'll talk about supporting our ordinary citizens - but in order to even SEE this speech, ordinary citizens will have to pay $110 to the Tucson Chamber just to be there

Let's be clear - in all this double-talk, he is not alone.

The GOP legislature has been gutting education, social safety net and lining their pockets for decades. All this when polls show that Arizona voters across party lines believe that low teacher pay and lack of funding are the state's two most significant education issues. Polls even show support for raising the sales tax in order to increase teacher pay. 

We can change this.

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