Maddie Cichon: A Student's Perspective

My name is Maddie Cichon, Field Organizer with Chris Gilfillan’s campaign for LD20. I’m currently a student at Grand Canyon University majoring in Government with an emphasis in Legal Studies. In my free time I enjoy fine arts, specifically theater. Performing and pursuing this passion helps me to connect with people.

I have been raised in a family that is very politically driven - for the Republican Party. Despite their points of view, I have found myself leaning left. Despite our differences, my family is proud of my work. They have been very supportive and I deeply appreciate their understanding. I believe in Chris and that’s why I’m helping to elect him in LD20. Personally, I wouldn’t be working for a candidate I didn’t believe in.

I met Chris after one of my friends began working with him as a Field Organizer. My friend reached out to me and I first became involved as a volunteer making phone calls to LD20 residents. Chris hired me that day.

What strikes me about Chris is his message. His pro-education, pro-small business approach to politics seems reasonable and practicable. Chris doesn’t come across as a politician. He is a humble resident of LD20 who cares about his community. Chris wants what I want: healthy families, strong schools, small business growth and government accountability.

Chris spends his time knocking on doors and talking to voters. Despite his strong background in politics, he is a concerned citizen dedicated to fighting for his community. He isn’t interested in seeking influence through his bid for Arizona House. I believe he genuinely wants to help people in LD20.

Chris Gilfillan is an authentic human being. It’s great to know that I’m working along someone who I call a friend. Not only that, his work ethic is tremendous. He sometimes knocks on more doors and calls more people than our organizers. He cares because he is committed to this work. I’m proud to know Chris and I’m committed to making sure he is elected this November.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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