Military Veteran: I Stand With Chris Gilfillan

My name is Kim Rosenthal. I am a retired Air Force veteran who lives in Legislative District 20. I enlisted at 21 and served my country for nine years in the active service.  I am originally from the state of Illinois but have lived in Arizona since 1997. Shortly after our state witnessed the horrendous shooting of our former State Representative Gabrielle Giffords, I decided to become involved in my local community.

Chris and I first met when working to get Dr. Eric Meyer elected in LD 28. Soon thereafter, Chris ran in 2016 and I became one of his neighbors, to this day living only a few blocks away from him. I am a proud supporter of his campaign because I have witnessed his dedication, pragmatism and authenticity first-hand.

Personally, I am a people oriented individual. I enjoy public service and building relationships in my local community. I also see these same qualities in Chris. That is why I’m committed to helping him during this campaign. I know that our district deserves genuine, authentic and committed leadership. Chris Gilfillan will be that leader. From working with Chris in the past, I know that he will be focused on the issues that matter most, while ensuring that we develop solid relationships across our district.

Coming from a family full of educators, Chris knows how important the education issue is. He understands that our society is built upon the pillars of public education. It is the single-most important asset our community can have to achieve a better life. That is why when he is elected, we have a better opportunity to restore Arizona’s education system.

He was also a law school trained newspaper editor. Having a background in news helps him to be focused on issues regarding our tax dollars. I know that Chris will have our backs when it comes to our money. His facts focused approach will allow our district to be informed about how and when our money is being used.

It is also important to know your district inside out. Chris understands that there are two major education institutions inside our district’s boundaries: Glendale Community College and Arizona State University - West Campus. Chris will make sure that those future entrepreneurs and business leaders are equipped with the resources they need to start businesses while attracting other major corporations. I know Chris is personally dedicated to ensuring our district thrives. Join me in voting for Chris Gilfillan in this month’s primary and in November’s General Election.