My Promise to Public Education

Perhaps you were wondering about some of my commitments to education in Arizona. Well, here they are:

  1. Implement full-day kindergarten and expand pre-K programming, especially for schools in low-income areas.
  2. Provide competitive teacher pay coupled with more, rather than less, rigorous requirements for teacher certification. Teachers who are ineffective are often not replaced because there is no one to fill their position. Competitive salaries will help increase the pool of available teachers and enable principals to keep those who are most effective.
  3. Ensure that basic facilities standards are fully and sustainably funded. There must be curriculum review and replacement on a scheduled basis determined by need, rather than on a “when funding is available basis”.
  4. A full and transparent audit and review of the current corporate tax credits for School Tuition Organizations and the voucher system must be completed. The combination of the two policies currently drains needed funding from the state budget and affects funding for the traditional and charter public schools that the vast majority of students attend.
  5. The Charter School Oversight Board must have the authority to hold charter schools to financial and academic standards through serious enforcement mechanisms.