Our Tax Dollars Well Spent?

Arizona's charter schools are NOT having the best semester.

Earlier this year the centrist think tank, the Grand Canyon Institute, analyzed the financial data from charter schools over the past 20 years. And what they found will amaze you - they found that 77 percent of the charters were self-dealing. They were giving the public's money away to either owners of the charter schools or family members in no-bid, non-competitive purchases.  Read a recap here.

That's not only a terrible use of the public's money and inefficient, but moreover, that's just plain unfair to taxpayers and our students.  

And then today, another report found that most Arizona charters are LITERALLY breaking the law. Federal law forbids denying entrance to students with disabilities. And in Arizona, these charters were capping the number of disabled students they would allow in. Furthermore, they even instituted barriers to entry for students with weak grades and behavioral problems. This is the very antithesis of "school choice." Recap here.

Now, I'm not anti-charter. But as a former newspaper editor, I am also pro-accountability and transparency. Put simply, we deserve better.

That's why I am running a clean campaign for the State House in LD 20. I want to be transparent and accountable. And I would expect no less from our schools - charter or no.

That is what I stand for and that's what I will fight for in the Legislature.  Join me by volunteering at www.ChrisForAZ.com.