Pet's Corner: Campaign Manager - Shantel Garcia

Hi! My name is Shantel Garcia. I am a pet owner, and this is my dog Riddick. I started volunteering for Chris’s campaign for many reasons. The most important involves my niece Sabrina. (It also helped that Riddick loved Chris right away. He’s a great judge of character!)

My niece Sabrina is four years old and will be joining the public school system soon. I worry about the kind of education she will be receiving.

My brother and sister-in-law live in this district too. Like all parents, they want her to get a great education. Unfortunately, like most people, they can’t afford a private school. Like many working class families, they depend on the public school system.

Chris talks about getting schools funded like before the great recession. Public school teachers deserve a raise. We should be able to provide a great education, no matter the ZIP code.