Pet's Corner Kick-Off, Happy Fourth of July!

We all know how much our pets mean to us. They're by our side in the best of times and by our side in the worst of times.

That's why we wanted to take a minute during this campaign to put the spotlight on some of our furry friends. After all, this campaign has always been about connecting the community.

So for our first Pet's Corner, there's Penny. She's a Norwich Terrier and my wife Julie and I rescued her from the Sunnyslope Humane Society.

Every phone bank and canvass that we have Penny is right there with us, greeting our team members and snarfing up any extra doughnuts.

That's her role in this campaign, and she is always, as you'd expect, right there by our side. And especially for the Fourth of July, we thought you would enjoy seeing her Patriotic outfit.

May you all have a happy Fourth of July!

All the best,