Retired Teacher: 'Electing Chris is the First Step to Restore Ed Funding'

My name is Sharon Lewis and I am a retired teacher who moved to Legislative District 20 in 1981. As a concerned citizen who has worked in public schools for 36 years, I am convinced that as our Arizona House Representative, Chris Gilfillan will help restore education funding to all LD20 public schools.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the growing education movement in Arizona. Under the #RedForEd hashtag, teachers walked out of classrooms courageously, demanding higher pay and increased funding for all public schools. This disproportionately affects LD20 because the majority of our children attend public schools.

To say that this upcoming General Election is crucial is an understatement. Up and down the ballot, our ENTIRE district must vote for pro-education candidates.

Chris Gilfillan is one of those candidates.

I have been committed to help Chris win since his first bid for Arizona House. His pro-education and pro-expansion of healthcare stances motivated me to support him back then. Today, we are back to make sure we flip this district. As Precinct Committeewoman for the Wood Precinct in LD20, I am making sure my entire district knows about Chris.

Having worked with him these last few years, I’ve been able to interact with Chris regularly. He has a sense of civility and fairness that demonstrates he is committed to work for all of his constituents. This also means working with members from a different party. Chris will not hesitate to work across the aisle to make sure our government is efficient and fair.

Electing Chris is the first step to restore education funding here in Arizona. As a pragmatic, hardworking, people person, he will fairly represent all in his district regardless of political party.

Help us make this happen. Vote Chris Gilfillan for Arizona House of Representatives this November.

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