Taylor Parsons: 'Chris has helped me connect with my community'

I’m Taylor Parsons and I’m 21 years old. I’ve lived here in LD20 all my life. This year, I’m organizing my community to vote for Chris Gilfillan as our Arizona House Representative.

I am new to political activism but I’ve always been concerned about environmental issues. I’m vegan and I made this lifestyle choice after learning of the positive effects a plant-based diet can have on the environment.

Throughout my life, I’ve been interested in the arts. For me, a healthy society is one where the arts prioritized and invested in. I have previously worked for ‘As You Wish’ pottery where I was able to work with young children who wanted to develop their art skills.

Unfortunately, I see my local community has little access to cheap, fresh food and low-cost arts centers. To make matters worse, I’m learning how our state’s legislature continues to pass tax cuts for the state’s richest while many of our district’s schools are severely under-invested.

This past summer, my door was knocked on by Matt Marquez, a candidate for Arizona State Senate in LD20. We had a long discussion about the environment and the current state of our education system in Arizona. Looking back on it now, I realize that I was just waiting for someone like Matt to knock on my door for me to get involved.

I soon became a volunteer for Matt’s campaign. During the first event I attended for Matt, I met Chris Gilfillan. I was inspired by these young, intelligent candidates who seemed to be breathing new life into my district. It was a breath of fresh air. For the first time, I felt a sincere connection to my community. Shortly after meeting Chris, he invited me to grab some coffee and discuss opportunities within his campaign.

During our conversation, he was clear about his expectations. He was also honest about his vision for LD20. He offered me a job soon after our conversation. I’ve been working on his campaign ever since.

Working for Chris has been great, but I’m really impressed with Chris when it comes to his involvement and qualifications. Chris has been an education advocate since day one. Before there was even a #RedForEd movement, he was already walking in neighborhoods collecting petitions for the Save Our Schools, No on 305 campaign. This issue hits close to home here in LD20 because I know that in our district, the majority of children attend public schools.

His experience as a newspaper editor lets me know he is well informed. He’s also a law school grad with experience representing working class families. His campaign focuses on issues all members of LD20 are concerned about: education investment, government accountability and small business growth. I’m determined to let my community know we have the right candidate on the ballot.

Now more than ever, we need to have a well-educated, informed individual representing us. Let’s vote for Chris in November. Our future depends on it.

Please join us for events by RSVPing at www.ChrisForAZ.com/calendar.

Friends for Chris Gilfillan