Community Profile: Blake Lister

Hello, my name is Blake Lister, and I am one of the Campaign Managers for Chris Gilfillans' 2018 Campaign for State House.

I first started working to help get Democrats elected in 2016 as a high school senior. After canvassing for Ann Kirkpatrick a couple of times that April, I was brought on as an intern to help flip Legislative District 20 from red to blue for candidates up and down the ballot. It was during this time where I met my first candidate ever to run for office: Chris Gilfillan. We had a brief office exchange, where he thanked me for my tireless service to help flip the district he was running in. I was starstruck by meeting him at first, as I vividly remember calling one of my high school political friends about how awesome it was to meet someone running for office. It was at this time when I first felt that I was doing something worthwhile, and that I was truly having a positive impact on both my community and the state of Arizona.

Skip ahead about a year which consisted of me being hired by the Arizona Democratic Party, starting college, and working with numerous nonprofits, and I received a text from Chris one day out of the blue. He told me that he was starting up a campaign to run for State House again after having one of the closest races in the state last time around, and asked me to meet with him over coffee to talk about it. I accepted, and less than a week later we were sitting in a coffee shop talking about his campaign. In that meeting, Chris told me about how we can change Legislative District 20 for the better through his platform of making education the number one priority of our state, committing to help small businesses thrive from Dunlap to the 101, and allowing for more transparency in our state government.  After hearing his message, he asked me to join his campaign, and I was couldn't accept his offer to be one of his first volunteers for his 2018 campaign any faster.

I started helping our Chris whenever I could in November of 2017, and I have slowly watched this team grow from just the two of us to one of the biggest forces LD 20 has ever seen. After months of working tirelessly for him, Chris asked me to become a full-time campaign manager for him in June to help flip the west side of the district, and once again I could not accept the offer any faster.

I'm incredibly proud and thankful that I have the opportunity to work for a candidate that is truly going to change LD 20 and Arizona for the better, and I hope that you can be apart of this change too. Please, go to or email us back to join us for an upcoming event. You too can help make your community a better place, and let me be the first to tell you that it's a phenomenal feeling! I can't wait to meet you at one of events soon!